Halloween Half Term Crafts!

Our 4 year old was off school last week on half term, so I had to think of some crafty ideas (a change from baking countless cookies and cakes) to distract her from the rainy weather outside.

Silly me, what a great opportunity to get her involved in designing her own Halloween decorations to engrave and cut on our machine and let her in on the excitement I have when making things!

We decided to make some card bunting and some fluorescent hanging decorations to hang in our window. She did a fantastic job, from drawing on 'Mummy's special screen' to helping set up the materials.

When she finally got her hand on the finished products, she was ecstatic. Everyone has commented on how great they look- maybe she can help me design future products, what do you think?! Please excuse the rubbish pictures, it was a particularly dark day!